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What is The Ninjku Network?


The Year Was 199X...

I wanted a platform to share my thoughts and ideas. I tried blogging, but it went completely ignored. 

I would write guides and DIY articles on forums, they were well 
108872responded to, but would be buried within days. Countless times would a question get asked and I would have to find the post, and refer them to it. 

It's difficult to be successful in blogging this kind of material without keeping posts two sentences long, or having a four second long video of whatever nonsense seems to be in style. You have to have a specific single subject format.

When I write, I really like to write. When I talk about things I'm into, like I said, I get very excited about it and get really into it.

Write a book? Start a magazine? It's anything really. And here it is.

Who Am I?

In short, Producer, Dj, Writer.

In full,

I am a girl who takes a lot of pride in her hobby's and interests. 
I get very excited about 
ninjku girl 2everything I do, and I love to show and teach others about what I'm into and where I'm coming from. 
I am a strong believer in building communities through the sharing of knowledge, and my mission is the never ending search for knowledge. 

I have a lot of crazy ideas, and thoughts of solving problems. Practical solutions with things. Thinking outside the box. If I think of something, first I search online to see if it's been done. A lot of the time there is nothing. Some people think if it's not online it's not possible. No. 

It's because they didn't take the time to experiment and try their idea, find a way to do it, and post about it online. That's what I do here at the Ninjku Network.



High Speed Internet In The 90's