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Installing The New Push Buttons

Unless you are applying a vinyl skin, it's now time to install your new 30mm push buttons.

When placing, you want to orient the button to have the open ends facing the notches, as shown below

20161102 090305

Now you can push down. With these buttons you sometimes have to push down on each side of the button (imagine it broken into 4 quarters) to make it fully flat.

They will be nice and flush with very little effort. You will hear a slight clicking sound, the button is not breaking.

That is the mounting clips of the actual push button locking into place.


20161102 090519


Set your panel with buttons mounted aside.

It is now time to desolder the ribbon cable that connected the original button PCB to the connector PCB

You will desolder all 9 points on either side of the ribbon cable


20161102 091558

Now here is a problem with how the push buttons sit. The height.


20161102 091701

When you attempt to fit the bottom cover back on, it will not close all the way


20161102 091826

You will need to attach your quick disconnect cable over the prong, one by one, and gently bend them down at a 90 degree angle

On the Sanwa push buttons, these are very sturdy so there is little chance of breaking. Unless you bend back and forth in both directions.

Each time you bend these, they will weaken at the point where it is bending.

Just go slowly, and you will be fine. It would take a good deal of force to snap it by bending in a 90 degree angle, but still take it slow.

20161102 091916

With all buttons inserted


20161102 092643

Before moving on, strip back your quick disconnect wires. You will need these stripped for one of the coming steps.

Attach each quick disconnect then bend, attach the next one, bend, and keep going till all your colored wires are attached

The colors of your buttons may differ from the ones I am using, so you will need to keep track of what color of the wires are connected to each button.

You can mark the bottom of the metal face plate with the X, Circle, Square, Triangle, ect to match those locations on the top side.

Then on a sheet of paper you can write (using mine for example)

Pin1 - L2 - Button Orange - Wire Orange
Pin2 - R2 - Button Dark Blue - Wire Dark Blue
Pin3 - R1 - Button White - Wire White


This will be important to keep track of, as these wires will be connecting to the connector PCB



20161102 093946


Now you can connect your ground chain. You still need to bend the pins at 90 degree angles.

You should have your first point in the ground chain closest to the board so there is a minimal amount of wiring facing the connector 

20161102 094045

You will notice the loop on the black wire sticking out of the back. This will be adjusted in a later step.

You do not want wiring sticking out of the back too far away from the connector, as it will prevent the button layout from being pushed in all the way


20161102 094632



0 #3 Esperanza 2017-05-15 23:27
Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
0 #2 SGESagat 2017-04-03 15:44
Same issue as the other person whom commented. Thanks.
0 #1 nebreus 2017-01-14 00:42
every post i saw trying to find out about this was impossible to follow n no pics this is good just signed up to say thanks

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