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Joystick Wiring

Once your joystick is mounted securely in place, this is the step where you would need to figure out which wire does what!

In this case, the USB board for the stock joystick, the Green wire is left, on the Sanwa joystick the Orange wire is left, but the way this stick is oriented, Yellow is left.

Sounds confusing but here is a diagram.

Sanwa JLF:

Ground - Black
Left - Orange
Down - Yellow
Right - Red
Up - Green


Ground - Purple
Left - Green
Down - Brown
Right - Yellow
Up - Red

This Build:

Ground - Black
Left - Yellow
Down - Red
Right - Green
Up - Orange

NOTE: If you are using the same joystick as I am in this guide, all this information will apply to you. If using another joystick, you will want to know how to find out which wire is which.

This is simple with a multi-meter.

Set the multi-meter to Continuity or Ohms

With your joystick in place, attach one lead of your multi-meter to ground. Attach your second lead to any other wire. Click the stick up, down, left and right until you get a reading. If you pushed the stick up, and hear a beep or show resistance, that colored wire is that direction. You would then write that direction down on a piece of paper. 

Image below

20161101 185553

The next step, you will want to use the original connector for the stock joystick. Take the original joystick wiring, and cut about 1 or 2 inches back from the connector and strip the wiring back. (See below image first for example if needed)

20161101 192746


Now we know what each color does. We need to match the Left wire of our joystick to the Left wire of the original connector.

We will connect the 'This Build' color codes to 'Roydsstick.EX'

You can even just scroll down a bit and compare the images so you don't have to keep looking back at the text, but here it is in text forum


   This Build:         Connect            Roydsstick.EX:       

Ground - Black         to                 Ground - Purple           
Left - Yellow              to                 Left - Green
Down - Red              to                 Down - Brown
Right - Green           to                 Right - Yellow
Up - Orange             to                 Up - Red

Make sure to slide your shrink wrap over the wiring of your Joystick before soldering wires. If using electrical tape, you can tape your exposed joints after soldering.

To join wires, this is the method you will want to use.

Make a hook with both exposed sections of wire, hook them together and press them to hold in place. Then solder.

Twisting them together and soldering will not be as strong, and will bulk up the size making shrink tubing and even electrical tape slightly difficult

20161101 193620

When your done, your wire matching should look like this. 

20161101 194359


You can slide your shrink wrap over, heat it up for a tight seal.

20161101 194613

NOTE: This is the only non-fully inclusive step of the guide

Now run your wiring through, and plug in the connector. Set the USB board in place as shown. It will hold just fine.

If you wish, you can chop out the remaining posts all together, and find your own way to mount the board. 

Not pictured, but what I had done to keep any accidental shorts (pins on the USB board touching the bottom of the metal plate) was lay a strip of electrical tape across the leads on the bottom of the USB board. 

This is until I replace the original USB board with a different one (Guide coming soon)

20161101 194852

Now you can re-attach the metal base plate, turn your arcade stick over and admire the new joystick.

20161101 195718


0 #3 Esperanza 2017-05-15 23:27
Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
0 #2 SGESagat 2017-04-03 15:44
Same issue as the other person whom commented. Thanks.
0 #1 nebreus 2017-01-14 00:42
every post i saw trying to find out about this was impossible to follow n no pics this is good just signed up to say thanks

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