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Joystick Mounting

Now prop your joystick up on a couple of books or any object to raise the unit. You can also set the housing joystick side off the edge of your work surface. This is so you can test fit your joystick to see if it is flush enough to your liking.

Your joystick can now lay completely flat. Against the housing.

20161101 182115

Remove the joystick from your test fitting, flip the unit back over and put only the metal plate for the joystick side back in place and screw back in.

If your joystick was propped up on books before, now you need to let it lay across your work surface, joystick side off the table.

This step is important for marking your mounting holes. You will want your stick centered as possible.

A good starting point is to line up the JLF mounting place like this, with the (Facing you) left holes over the posts you cut, and pressed against the side of the unit as shown.

Now going under the table you can check the position.

20161101 182451

You can reach over and gently move the stick till it is centered to your liking.

20161101 182211

Once your stick is centered, take a marker pen and gently mark inside the holes you wish to use for mounting the joystick.

20161101 182447

When your holes are marked, you can then drill them out. It will be important to make a pilot hole, which allows the bit of your drill to sit still in place when drilling.

You can firmly press a pointed screw down into the plastic until a little indent is made, in the center of your mark.

I had mismarked one of my holes originally, but made note of the correct one to use. Ignore the three marks here.

20161101 182650

Now drill out those holes, and push the bolts through


20161101 183534

Set the new joystick in place and tighten down the nuts on the bolts.

20161101 184328



0 #3 Esperanza 2017-05-15 23:27
Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
0 #2 SGESagat 2017-04-03 15:44
Same issue as the other person whom commented. Thanks.
0 #1 nebreus 2017-01-14 00:42
every post i saw trying to find out about this was impossible to follow n no pics this is good just signed up to say thanks

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