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Opening the Roydsstick.EX and Removing the Joystick

With all parts in hand, start by flipping the unit upside down and removing the bottom plate (x4 screws)

20161101 132755

With the bottom plate removed, you can see the original, joystick and USB board.

To access the screws to remove the stock joystick, you first must remove the 3 gold screws on the USB board, and gently move it out of the way. You want to be careful not to break the ribbon cable (try not to twist, bending backwards gently is fine)

NOTE: If you end up breaking one of the ribbon cable wires loose, it's not a big deal. An easy fix with a tiny amount of solder, or you can just pull the wire from the ribbon, and re-solder it directly to the board that way. They are fairly sturdy, so you most likely will not have this issue.

20161101 133046

With the USB board unscrewed and moved out the way, you now have access to the 4 gold screws (leave the 2 silver screws in place). Remove the gold screws.

Now disconnect the 5 wire connector from the USB board. This is important for the next step as you will be removing the stick, and you don't want the wires pulling on your USB board.

20161101 133150

20161101 133439

Now turn the unit right side up, and remove the 4 silver screws on the plate, joystick side of the housing.

20161101 133543

Now you want to unscrew the ball top from the stick. Depending on how stuck your ball top is, you may have to grip the shaft with pliers or a vice grip while twisting the ball top off.


20161101 133717

Side by side comparison of the stock joystick and the Sanwa JLF joystick. The stock stick fits the Sanwa ball tops!

20161101 134310

Test fitting the Sanwa joystick with the factory brackets, you can see in the second image with the plate on, the stick sits VERY low. The original mounting stands will have to go.

Keep in mind, obvious as it may seem to some, you will not be able to mount the orginal stick back in place after cutting out the posts.

20161101 134046

20161101 134131

Not only does it sit too low, you won't be able to fit the base plate back on!


0 #3 Esperanza 2017-05-15 23:27
Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
0 #2 SGESagat 2017-04-03 15:44
Same issue as the other person whom commented. Thanks.
0 #1 nebreus 2017-01-14 00:42
every post i saw trying to find out about this was impossible to follow n no pics this is good just signed up to say thanks

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