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DIY: Roydsstick.EX Full Sanwa Mod
(ロイズスティック ドット イーエックス)

The Roydsstick.EX (Pronunced Loyds Stick) is an arcade stick with a modular panel design from Try Electronics of Japan.

The setup is modular as it has swappable button panels. You have your 'Capcom' style 8 button layout, and a separate panel with the 'Neo Geo' style 4+1 button layout.

This is a guide on how to modify your Roydsstick.EX with all Sanwa buttons and Joystick, while keeping it's modular ability!

This guide is written using the original PS3 USB board.

A separate guide will be coming that shows the install of a Quad system board. 

As with all other guides on this site, these are fully inclusive guides. They are written step by step so even a first timer can follow (Depending on the person of course)

20161101 094632



Minor Drilling Required (Only two holes)

Minor Cutting Required (Removing mounting posts for orginal joystick)

Soldering Required (Attaching wires to PCB - Desoldering old buttons from orginal PCB)

Tools Needed / Used:

Drill (Any kind to drill screw holes for joystick mounting)


Small file 

Soldering Iron

Soldering Wick


Wire Stripper and Cutter

Heatshrink (Or electrical tape if it is all you have)

Electrical Tape


Parts Needed / Used:

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick 

Sanwa LB-35 Balltop

Sanwa OBSC 30mm Pushbutton* (Or any brand, holes are already drilled at 30mm) 

12/2/16 UPDATE: Sanwa OBSC Black Rim 30mm Pushbutton does not fit! For some reason these are slightly larger then the OBSC Clear Rim 30mm that I used in this guide. I had ordered Black Rim for another project, and while wood was being drilled, I attempted to put them into the second panel of the Roydsstick.EX and this is when I found out.

It could also be the second panel (4+1 Neo Geo Style) is the problem.

I will test to see if this is the case, and further update this.

M4x10mm Screw and Nut (Set of 4)

16pc 22 AWG Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect (See note below)

10 Connection 22 AWG .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire (See note below)

(Optional) Larger Acuator / Heavier Spring

All parts purchaced from:

20161101 132509


16pc 22 AWG Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect Price = $7.50
10 Connection 22 AWG .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire = $3.75
Total = $11.25

DIY Below = $5.60

If you wish to make these yourself, you will need the following:

(x16) .110" (2.8mm) Open-Barrel Non-Insulated Quick Disconnect Terminal @ $0.80


(x16) Nylon .110" Quick Connector Insulation Sleeve @ $0.80

(x16)(Color) by the Foot 22 AWG Wire @ $4.00 (You will need 8 in black, and 8 colored)

You must make your own ground chain if using this method.

Total Savings:  $5.65


0 #3 Esperanza 2017-05-15 23:27
Precisely what I was looking for, thanks for posting.
0 #2 SGESagat 2017-04-03 15:44
Same issue as the other person whom commented. Thanks.
0 #1 nebreus 2017-01-14 00:42
every post i saw trying to find out about this was impossible to follow n no pics this is good just signed up to say thanks

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