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A lot of the time with older machines, you come across ones that have a few things that need work. One of the things that needed replacement with the broken AKAI S20 I purchaced from eBay, I found out was the Floppy Drive. 

After having replaced the fuse (Here is how!) and got it powered on I got to sampling. When I went to save. Nothing.

Opening the machine back up, I found the orginal from the factory, Newtronics Co LTD floppy drive. 

So lets get to adding a newer drive in to replace the old dead drive.

You can still buy these. You can even buy them new in box! I just happen to have one laying around, so I used that.

Floppy Drives, are all the same. There is nothing special about them. So if you have an old desktop laying around, and you don't need the Floppy Drive in there, you can use that.

ANY DRIVE WILL WORK. Do not pay any preimum price for anything called "FOR THE AKAI S20" because in this case, your defenatly not getting an OEM Newtronics Co drive. If you are and it works, it might not last long.

Lets get started!

Things you will need:

1.) Philips Head Screwdriver, or Bit if using a drill
2.) Floppy Drive
3.) Cup for Screws
4.) AKAI S20!

Step 1:

Get your AKAI S20 and your new Floppy Drive, and set them on a clean workspace (I know I say this a lot! It's a good habbit to get into!)


How I mentioned you can still buy new Floppy Drives, but I used one lying around. You can see here, the one I am using was manufactured in 2005


Looking at the underside, you can see how the drive mounts to the case


For the sake of advanced researching into your project, you can see where on the bottom plate these holes are in relation to


Step 2:

Flip your AKAI S20 over so the bottom plate is facing you. You will now remove ONLY the outside premiter screws. You can tell which these are, as they are all black, and only around the edges. Not the silver ones.

The labled Floppy Screws above, you will NOT remove these yet. These are silver.


After removing all the premiter screws, set them in your cup. These can go back in, in any order, they are all the same. Except the four Floppy Drive screws but we are not removing these yet.


Step 3:

Now with the bottom plate screws removed, you can gently lift and slide toward you, then tilt the plate up and stand on it's side. 

As you can see there are two cables attached to the Floppy Drive. This is why you stand the bottom plate on its side. Your teathered to the machine. And you don't want to rip the connectors off the board (they are soldered in place, not unpluggable).


You can now unplug the cables from the rear of the Floppy Drive. The 40-Pin Floppy cable (flat gray cable) and the power connector (small white connector).

Now that the two cables are unplugged from the Floppy Drive, you can flip the bottom plate over and set it down freely.


And there is your old floppy drive.

Step 4:

You can now remove the four screws on the bottom plate that hold the Floppy Drive in place.


Now take the old Floppy Drive and set it aside (Do what you want with it from this point, throw it away, keep it, whatever you like).

Now set the new Floppy Drive on the table with the screw holes facing up.

Set the bottom plate on top of the Floppy Drive, and line up the screw holes.


Now put the screws back in, securing the Floppy Drive in place.

Step 5:

Now stand the bottom plate up on it's side, how you did when the cables were attached. This is because... Your going to re-attach the cables!


Plug the cables back into the Floppy Drive.

Now set the bottom plate back on the AKAI S20, and put all your outside premiter case screws (the black ones) back in.

Flip your unit back over, go plug everything back in, and try and save something!


This is the same process for replacing the Floppy Drive on anything. Opening whatever it is your working on will be different, but all Floppy Drives will have only two cables. The 40-Pin Floppy Cable (Flat gray cable) and the white power connector. Plug plug the old one, plug in the new one.