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Let's start this with a quick before and after. Compair the stock untouched MPC 2500 to the 2500XL


2500 before



I had not seen this anywhere online so figured I would try it myself and it worked.

So for those who want their 2500 to look a bit more of the classic Akai MPC's, there was the skin offered by MPC-STUFF, and a couple other sites had them also.

So first thing to was skin up. I'm no good with that sorta thing, so I had Dj Mathematics hook it up.

2500 classic skin

After putting the skin on the 2500 just still wasnt looking enough like a classic MPC to me. When I was looking at the custom MPC thread, and seen someone had done a custom (fully painted, not skinned) 2500 it had the buttons, everything matching.

That being what I wanted, I wondered if any of the buttons from the 2000XL were interchangeable with the 2500.

Well I found out the key pad buttons are, being that all the other buttons look the same already except Window of course which I will get into shortly.

So for me a while back I had replaced my 2KXL buttons with the black ones from MPC-STUFF and kept my old ones in a bag. So today I took off the top case, removed the PCB with the number pad buttons, popped them out, popped the blue keys in, and it worked out great. Nice look too.

By the photos for anyone not firmillar with changing keys, you can see the process is incredibly easy.



  • Black Jog Wheel (MPC 5000)
  • Blue Number Keys (MPC 2000XL)
  • Orange Window Key (MPC 2000XL)
  • GAIN / REC Knobs (MPC 2000XL)
  • White LCD (MPC 2500 - MPC STUFF)

Remove the shell, unhook the ribbon cable at the bottom by pulling the two black edges forward (ribbon slides right out with ease), and all the molexs

Remove all the screws holding the PCB down, and lift it off the board.

From the bottom side you can push the plastic bottom bits toward each other and they pop right out.

Then from top side, pop the new ones back in

And bosh

5 zps44039b72

Really helps the overall look.

7 zps48af018b


You can then take some old knobs from the 2000XL to add into things


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