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11/13/16 UPDATE:  

When this article and two others were written, they were done on forums before I had made this website.  So foolishly the images were not hosted here, and now lost.

I am in the process of recovering all broken images, and for those that can not be recovered, I will re-create, and clean up some of the instructions. 

Now reading back as I am today, I see formatting needs to be cleaned up

If you choose to mount your 8-Outs for your 2000XL without using a modified support plate from the doner machine, this is the guide for you. If you would like to know how to modify the support plate from the S series doner machine, follow this link:

With a single screw on the digital, and using nuts to secure the 1/4" jacks down. And this is sufficient enough to hold it up.

Now the important thing with that shelf, is grounding. You'll notice theres a visable ground plane in each corner where the screws would normally go. This grounds to the brass posts, and into the chassis. 

IF you mount it this way, the way I have, it will be a VERY good idea to make this simple ground for each side.

This is what you will need. 2 screws, 2 nuts, 2 peices of wire (one longer then the other) and 2 of these little clips (Can get them at auto part shop!)

Longer one on the right side

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I had a bunch of old screws, when I find old electronics laying around outside, I take them home and salvage stuff from them.

These screws are the same size as the ones that secure the bottom panel of your 2000XL to the base. 

If you wish, you can simply use 2 of those screws.


Now the resistors the post side thats next to your screw is on the ground plane, so it won't matter, but whenever doing this sort of thing, make sure your clearing any leads or pads of something else

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See how to make the 34-Pin cable shown here!


You can also purchace a 34-Pin Male to Female IDE Extention cable. These can be found on ebay for around 5 to 10 USD



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