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DIY: Portable Turntable - 7" Slipmat

Simple DIY, very effective and can be made quite nicely if you take your time!

What you do is, if you have a spare slipmat, or even just buy one for cheap, you can take a 7" record and drop a 45 adapter into the center, then feed a pencil through the holes.


Take your 12" slipmat and slide it up the pencil till touching the bottom of the 7" record.

Simply take a pair of scissors, and cut around the record. 

When cut nicely, taking your time you get a solid circle.

And then on your portable, there you go.

Your just using the 7" as a template, and obviously the rest to hold everything in place while you do the cutting.

Just watch your fingers! Don't be foolish and snip yourself!

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