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A mate of mine is lending me a cd player, so I can get some stuff off cd's and into another unit. To carry them, he put them inside a milk crate. I noticed if centered the rack ears reach either end with room for a screw dead center.

So I made a rack out of it.

It's VERY sturdy. Even with the minimal cutting in the rear for ports (Applications will vary, this is best with something that is going to be held indefinably in position -- so your not cutting the entire back out!).

What you'll need:

1. Milk Crate (that will fit 19" rack gear)

2. Machine Screws (They create a sturdy thread on their own)

3. Washers

4. Drill + Drill Bits

5. Cutting Tool (Tin Snips, Dremel, Hack Saw, ect)

6. DIY Steez

Step 1:

Place Equipment inside milk crate where you want them to sit. Take a power drill, chuck a drill bit slightly thinner then the machine screw. The pre-drilling is so the screw has a guide to pass through, and runs no risk of splitting the plastic.



Step 2:

Slide a washer over the screw, place the screw on the hole, and with the power drill, SLOWLY drive the screw in, till all are done (Do one peice of gear at a time if your eyes arent good at depth).

Tilt the crate into standing position, see how sturdy it holds.


Step 3:

Turn the crate around, facing the back you can see where you will need to cut holes for cables (If it's a full depth unit), mark out where you will need to cut, with chalk or better, some sort of paint.

Anything you'll be able to see. Using a black sharpie on a blue crate is not very visible.


Step 4:

Now remove the units from the crate, and cut out the lines you marked.

After cutting them out, flip the crate on its back, mount your gear, then back to standing position and check to see if you've cleared all the connections.


Step 5:



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