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How many eyes does a typical person have?


Aside from my video posted above with the Hello Kitty Synth, it seems to be all Guitar videos, which makes since as this was made for guitars! Of course there will also be loads of people maybe stumbling across this article wanting an effects unit for their guitar! 

Here's a great video that shows a bit how the speaker preforms. Older video so don't expect awesome sound quality! In fact you should never judge the sound of a unit as heard filmed. There are a GREAT deal of factors that can make something sound worse, (or worse then worse) or better then it will sound in person!

From Youtube user: Shima-Z

Here is a good demonstration video for the 7010 from a bloke called Glynn Masterman with dialogue to go along with it. He even demo's the modulation effects. He says it's a gimic, but I disagree completely. Maybe they thought of this but maybe not, that it could in fact be used with synths, romplers or other sound modules! 

He hit the nail on the head with "Casual lounge room jamming" and "busking" could have been in mind when they made this unit. Those were two great things I thought to be really fun about the unit!



Mashiro Shiina
0 #2 Mashiro Shiina 2016-03-24 21:44
Yes, the only way to really pair it is re-sampling with the effects. Can be a real pain but a cool option.

I see what you mean about prices!

You never know, you might find something really cool that nobody knows about and end up writing a "Dope Machines You Didn't Know Existed" article :-)
0 #1 Nikolas 2016-03-10 03:22
Owning both the ST-224 and s20, I thought I'd look at the other gear you have listed, and this one looks like a doozy for pairing with a sampler which, say, has no onboard effects at all ;)

Unfortunately the only ones I can find online are drastically priced. Wonder if I'll ever find a dustbin deal like your's?

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