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Dope Machines You Didn't Know Existed:  Zoom Fire 7010

(Effects Processor) 

There is always this trend. No matter the hobby or intrest. A trend of "Tried and Proven"

You really miss out on a lot playing follow the leader. You close your eyes to an entire world just to take what has been set in front of you without question. 

The last three machines to be featured were all samplers. Up now is an effects unit from Zoom. Zoom in my opnion defenatly has made some really great stuff! A lot of people when they think Zoom, they think budget kit, cheaply made, poor quality sound or effects (Minus the people who have actually used a Zoom product, or know the full catalogues gems).

Maybe with the typical known about market flooded stuff.

But there is a whole world of great Zoom out there (Look at the ST-224!)


To talk on Zoom being cheap. One big contributor as you can see above. Anything with that color scheme can defenatly be a bit off putting. Maybe when it was released it was thought to be cool and attention grabbing like all the wacky boutique stuff western markets seem to go for.

Now check out the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) model!

img 071007
The black housing with silver grille is a much nicer touch. I might be writing on article on dissasembling and painting the Zoom Fire 7010!! (I am now in the process of doing this. The JDM model has me sold on doing it!)

To speak on build quality, at first sight the Blues and Yellows might be a bit off putting in photos. Yes it's plastic, but it's the colors that make it look like cheap plastic. It's actually incredibly thick! Very durable.

Most commonly used as a guitar processer, but I've found many other uses for it. The onboard speaker is actually very loud. You can't get too low of frequencys (not sure on the cutoff) but you can still capture a good range if using as a battery powered speaker (Uses 6 AA's) if your out with your MPC or whatever you have out in the park.

Now when externally amped, running the output of the 7010 to a sound system, it produces an incredible sound. 

A number of other uses, is with Samplers! You can run your source through here. Or run your outputs into here, then sample back in with effects. A wealth of great effects actually. 

Using with synths, this makes a great companion. Especially with the effects, boring and as obvious as that would sound it being an effects unit, but I've got some wild sound out of a square wave in a home built synth based around the APC or Atari Punk Console. So for a situational example! A simple Square wave being played through a random setup of effects. Triggering for a moment and letting go. Then, switched to 'always on' then changing the pitch around, we get this (what you hear at the end)!

So a few years ago some of the lads in my neghiborhood popped round and said they had a "beat machine thing" and were wondering if I would be interested. I said sure I'de take a look at it. What they brought back was the Zoom Fire 7010. I thought oh wow, this has a speaker and everything. Batterys already in it, so I hooked it up really quick to my cassette player and I was sold.

They had found it going through dust bins at the local University. They will spend days on end digging through all the garbage and bring back a lot of great stuff for a good price. So I got it for 10£ and it was a great purchace!





Mashiro Shiina
0 #2 Mashiro Shiina 2016-03-24 21:44
Yes, the only way to really pair it is re-sampling with the effects. Can be a real pain but a cool option.

I see what you mean about prices!

You never know, you might find something really cool that nobody knows about and end up writing a "Dope Machines You Didn't Know Existed" article :-)
0 #1 Nikolas 2016-03-10 03:22
Owning both the ST-224 and s20, I thought I'd look at the other gear you have listed, and this one looks like a doozy for pairing with a sampler which, say, has no onboard effects at all ;)

Unfortunately the only ones I can find online are drastically priced. Wonder if I'll ever find a dustbin deal like your's?

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