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Dope Machines You Didn't Know Existed:  Zoom ST-224 (Sampler)

There is always this trend. No matter the hobby or intrest. A trend of "Tried and Proven"

Or people who see someone do something great with one thing, and have the (also common) misconception they will be great with it too (or sound like that person).

You really miss out on a lot playing follow the leader. You close your eyes to an entire world just to take what has been set in front of you without question. 

So right here we have the Zoom ST-224 SampleTrak. What some refer to as the "Poor mans SP1200". Hopefully someday it can earn a new title of ST-224! 

That's what I'm going to call it. This unit deserves it's own name and identity.


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I don't remember what it was I was doing
 that had me come across the ST-224. But the fact it was made by Zoom and I saw it sampled, and it looked wierd, I had to look it up and read into it. Purely out of curiosity. So I read about it, see a few forum posts here and there talking about it, some pretty good things said about it. So I then go to Youtube to see what I can find, and saw a handful of some videos (I will link in the video section) and it looked like a lot of fun.

So between all that I was reading, and seeing in the videos, I had to know.. How much does one of these go far? Not very much I found out. Retailing at £199 when it first released, now can be had between £60 and £100 from what I just saw. 

And just bought for £81! ($128.00)

The ST-224 is defiantly a cool unit. It's got a ton of sampling time, about 4 minutes worth. From what the SOS article states, this is not expandable. So most likely an embedded chip, rather then using SIMMs. Not bad though either way! Uses these "Smart Media" cards. 

From what I saw you can still buy the Smart Media cards on You can also buy Smart Media adapters, where the Smart Media card plugs in, but has a slot on the front of it to use XD, SD or MicroSD.

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