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Dope Machines You Didn't Know Existed:  AKAI S-20 (Sampler)


There is always this trend. No matter the hobby or interest. A trend of "Tried and Proven"

Or people who see someone do something great with one thing, and have the (also common) misconception they will be great with it too (or sound like that person).

You really miss out on a lot playing follow the leader. You close your eyes to an entire world just to take what has been set in front of you without question.

So right here we have the AKAI S20! 

                        S 20                          
   The first time I ever heard of the AKAI S20, was from this video of Mr Propo 88 of Da Shogunz


I was eating some cup noodles and put up Youtube to have something to watch while I eat, and in my video suggestions there was the video of Mr Propo88 and his AKAI S20. So I click it and get to eating.

Youtube auto-play is on. Next video is a guy called 'EVERYDAYBREAKS' so I'm sitting there listening then stop and I look up and start watching.

Something about the S20 really caught my attention. Not only did they look wicked to me, they seemed like a real blast. So I got ebay out of curiosity and saw how much they were going for. There were none. Except for one. Which was listed "for parts or not working" for £20.

I thought dang.. That's real cheap. I've looked before and seen them go sometimes for £100 all the way up to £200.

I figured a broken one is a perfect time to pick one up. I really wanted one too! Didn't come with anything, not even the power supply.

So I get on, buy a power supply for the Super Nintendo. Read the note below. The Super Nintendo power supply requires modification. Alternatively you can use the power supply for the Sega Game Gear, which is ready to be used, without any modification, and meets the exact specifications as called for by the manufacturer (minus the plug size is too big) 


The reason I used the power supply for the Super Nintendo, is because I could not find any Sega Game Gear power supplys for sale.


The Super Nintendo power supply does not actually fit. The plug is way too big. All the forum posts you read saying this, are incorrect.

The AKAI S20 requires the following power supply: 10V DC, 800mA, Center Positive. 

The Super Nintendo power supply is 10V DC, 800mA, Center Negative

You would need to reverse the polarity of the Super Nintendo power supply (Make the center postive, and the outside negative) if the plug would fit. The plug does not fit. You can not simply just reverse the polarity. 

The Sega Game Gear power supply is 10V DC, 800mA, Center Positive 

To change the polarity of the Super Nintendo power supply and change the plug please follow this guide here:

DIY: SNES Power Supply for AKAI S20



+1 #3 Ed 2016-02-28 23:25
No biggie ;-) I tried it and it worked great. So there you have confirmation again. I also upgraded the ram to 5mb. I didn't want to have to save to that many floppies. Fun little machine with a distinctive sound. I'm making loops in Wavelab and sending them over to the S20 with C6 (a sysex utility), then saving to floppy.Good old s20 detects the loop points. this allows you to eg. have a slow attack and THEN the loop begins. Handy since the s20 has no attack stage.
Mashiro Shiina
0 #2 Mashiro Shiina 2016-02-27 04:00
The SSG I have not personally tried, but numerous people I have spoke to have said it's the one they use.

Many posts on MPC-FORUMS mention using SGG.

Here is one

I think it's a safe buy.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you! I am going to setup comment notification to my email!
0 #1 Ed 2016-02-08 15:07
thanks for the article. so far on ebay I am only seeing SGG adapters at 10v 850 mA output. And only 14 watts (manual says 18)
will that work?

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