(05/12/16) Site Updates!

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(05/12/16) Site Updates!

Site News

  • When changes or additions to the site or it's current features are made, they will now be published in the new Site News section

  • Updates to articles, current projects in the works that are expected to be published in the DIY section, ect. 

Login Feature

This solves the issues of commenters on the site getting an error when writing a comment saying "This email address is already taken. Please login or register to continue". 

  • There is now option to login and publish comments using your current name and email address. (Found on the right hand side -- Includes Logout)

  • This login feature will be expanded to include many suggested and upcoming site features such as: Article Submissions, Forums, User Profiles and User Spotlight, Subscription to articles and updates to articles (For example, in some articles you have the "Mods" section, where it says something like "Coming Soon", you will receive updates as those are completed and guides written).


Comments Update

Gravatar Support has been added.

  • When a users email is tied to Gravatar (an internet wide avatar/profile -- and that email is used to post a comment, or login on the site, that avatar will be desplayed site wide. 

Print / Email Feature

You can now Print articles for hardcopy or email to yourself (or others) for later viewing


  • A new feature is the option to print articles. This is often handy as some DIY articles you may want to refer to but do not have access to a computer at your workspace or wherever you may be working on your project. Or even if you just prefer a hardcopy to have on hand for reference.

    The standard "print" function built into most web browsers (found by right-clicking) can sometimes cut sections of the page off, as the viewing area is not sutable for print. Sometimes the browsers "print" function prints the entire webpage, menus and all. This is a text/image ARTICLE ONLY print feature, to give you only the important information you need to print. 

  • You can now email  a copy of an article to a user. A pop-up window will appear when the email icon is clicked (You must have this site set to allow popups -- This is and will always be an ad free site). This simply emails a link to the requested address you enter.

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